Baxter, Cookie and Max

February 24, 2013

As told by Lisa A. Adiletto, Founder of Pets Always Well

Cookie was saved from the notoriously horrid Taylor shelter in Campbellsville, KY.   She arrived already defeated we knew that she needed saving ASAP.

BAXTER was emaciated from day 1.   Saved from Montgomery County Shelter in KY.

MAX was saved from Mt. Sterling Shelter in KY. 

As Lisa was driving the trio to WV from KY, and Team Mutt Muffs John was flying to WV from home base KDMW (Westminster, MD), the weather decided to turn for the worse.   Unable to make the next leg, and unwilling to send Lisa back home with the three dogs, John made camp at the nearby Comfort Inn with his new furry friends

A new day dawned and promised to be glitch-free.   But Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame) just wasn't done with this transport.

Before John could even leave the hotel, a Pepsi truck broke down behind the rental car.   Took four people to push it out of the way.

Not to be outdone by Pepsi, all the airport computers took a siesta.   John scored a laptop from the line crew to file a flight plan.  

A mere three hours late, but ready to launch.   But wait!   A commuter jet struck some birds, which shut the runway down for an hour.   And with that, "Mr. Murphy" finally took a rest, and the flight for Baxter, Cooki and Max could begin.

Cookie and Baxter jumped off at State College, and Max continued on to Coatesville, PA.

Sweet little Baxter was a bag of bones.   Our wish for him is to find a family who will spoil him stupid, feeding him all the treats he wants until in a few years he needs to go on a diet.
Miss Cookie on the way to the airport.   She got a rough start in life, and isn't too sure about what's going on now.   But it will all be worth it Cookie.  Promise!
Max is such a beauty.   We wish you a very short foster stay until just the right family finds you.

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