Eleanor Roosevelt

June 7, 2014

When we found her abandoned in a park, little Eleanor Roosevelt had a pretty bad limp.  We have recently gotten her the best care we could, and got her into surgery to fix her injured leg.  

She is doing great and healing nicely, but due to the fact that she has had this recent surgery, we are especially hoping to find her a nice short flight to NJ as opposed to a long car ride in which she would be cooped up for an entire day.  Please let me know if you are willing and able to help.

Thanks!   Beckie, Volunteer at See Spot Rescued


Well, who could say no to Eleanor Roosevelt?!?!  Team Mutt Muffs signed up for Leg 1 to help this beauty on her way to the good life she deserves.



Eleanor Roosevelt says "Good bye and THANKS for everything" to her foster Mom Cheri











Co-Pilot John gives pre-flight instructions to Miss Roosevelt.  We had some turbulence over the mountains on the way to Charleston, WV, and the odds were good we'd bounce around on the way back to MD too









Lady Eleanor poses with Michele after the first flight.  The turbulence wasn't too bad, and Eleanor Roosevelt traveled like a seasoned pro.

During the layover, she had plenty of time to investigate all the smells at DMW.   There's been many dogs here before, and it's guaranteed there will be many more to come.

This girl is such a joy.   I know she'll find the perfect family.






 Leg 2 pilots Ron and Ron arrive at KDMW and meet their passenger.    One last short flight to NJ for Eleanor and she'll be one step closer to her forever family

The first lady is safely in NJ and has a bright future now.  

The happy times to come will hopefully erase the memories of being abandoned in a box in a park with a broken leg.

No more turbulence for this girl.   Only blue skies ahead.

God bless!   Mission complete!  

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