May 21, 2011

Poor little Hoppy.   He was born with a deformed front leg, but that never stopped him from having a great life.  

Unfortunately, his elderly owner passed away recently, leaving him without a home, and without many prospects.    Luckily for this little boy, the rescue volunteers stepped up and secured foster placement for him in Philadelphia.   Team Mutt Muffs had the honor of flying the anchor leg to deliver him to his new home.

Leg 1 pilot Kay arrives at Winchester (KOKV) with the loveable Mr. Hoppy.
Hoppy enjoying the short layover at Winchester, VA while noshing on a pupperoni stick
Hoppy meets his newest best friend.  Co-pilot Joe.   We're about to load up and make the final flight of the day to Philadelphia.   It's a confusing journey for the little guy, but his new family couldn't wait to meet him 

It was a beautiful day and the air was smooth.   An hour an a half later, we arrived safely at Wings Airport (KLOM).  

We wish Hoppy a wonderful new life.   He very much deserves it.


Hoppy is here with me now, he got here about 15 minutes ago. He is doing fine. He did his "business" and drank some water and was running walking around investigating. He is just adorable and so very sweet! Once he has had a chance to rest a bit, I will offer him some food.

Thank you Kay and Michele for bringing the little guy up today, you guys are the best! Thank you Toni for picking him up at the airport for me, that was a big help!

And thank you Lisa for keeping this little baby safe and giving him a chance at a happy life. I will keep you posted on his progress.

Faith's Hope Rescue

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