March 12, 2011

The shelter at Roxboro, NC is always horribly overcrowded.    Perfectly healthy adoptable dogs face death by gassing daily.   Luckily for them, Rhonda, with Chances Angel Rescue, works tirelessly on their behalf.
Today, Koffee a 40 pound chow mix and six puppies - Bridegette, Gus, Panda, Drake, Sarah, and Luna - all got a reprieve.   They made a two leg journey to Philadelphia, where Jill with Home At Last Dog Rescue had already secured permanent adoptions for most of them.  
Leg one pilot , Kay, arrives at KTDF, Roxboro, NC and meets all the volunteers and passengers.
Sarah is ready to go, and wonders what is taking so long.
Panda claims her window seat for the flight to Winchester, Virginia
First leg pilot, Kay, arrives at Winchester (KOKV) with a plane-load o' puppies
What a bunch of cuties.   

Team Mutt Muffs Michele and Megan get a chance to meet all of our precious cargo.   After a short layover/potty break, we all load up for the final leg to Philadelphia and new families

What a great day for all.

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