March 20, 2011

Sam and Gotti

Sam was adopted from our animal shelter and then was brought back after 3 weeks. The family that adopted him also has a small breed dog that was recently hit by a car and was in the process of healing. Sam kept wanting to play with it and the family contacted WCHS to see if we could take him.  They couldn't wait and took him back to the shelter that Friday afternoon and we pulled him and put him in a temporary transport foster home the following Monday morning. 
Gotti was taken to my vet on 12/20/10 with parvo. His family never came back for him. After repeatedly trying to contact the family via phone and mail the vet just happened to mention to me one time when I was there that he was getting ready to put down a pit pup. I started asking questions and got as much information as I could and some pics. I posted him and Karen was the first to respond. According to his paperwork, he was born in Aug, this puts him around 7 months old now. He has been living in a kennel at the vet for 3 months!   He is having so much fun running and being  a puppy with my personal dogs that he is spending the night with me.  He is very smart and catches on very quick. He figured out my dog door by this afternoon and can go in and out as he wants. He gets along well with my dogs but my dogs are use to fosters his age coming and going.
Thanks go to Pam for saving these two deserving dogs and to Karen for taking them and finding them families of their very own

Co-Pilot John bonds with Sam.   Sam is a beautiful dog with endless love to give

Side note:  Congrats to John.   He passed his check ride and is a newly minted private pilot.

Michele and Gotti.   Gotti is a squirmy, bouncy, loveable pup.   There's no doubt he'll find a home right away
This boy loves his belly rubs
It's hard to believe this adorable pup was about to be put down.    I know he will find a family to call his own
Sam is loaded up and ready to go
Gotti isn't quite so sure.   I assure him he's on his way to a way better place
Michele poses with the rescue volunteers.   Left to right:  Barbara, Pam, Peggy and Michele

We're about to begin Leg 1.    Leg 2 pilot Luke will meet us at KDMW, Westminster, MD.   From there these two great dogs will fly to Syracuse, NY to meet Karen

Karen does an amazing job finding homes for all the homeless that come her way.


To all of you – Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you for making this happen. These sweet boys will find wonderful homes here. Everyone has been especially anxious to meet Gotti after they heard his so very sad story of abandonment; he has now stolen everyone’s hearts! And Amanda (who picked them up here) took Sam home (she says for the night; we’ll see!) because she was so worried about him. Pam, as always, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty; Luke, John and Michele, without you, they would never have had a chance. Cheers.  


Thank you everyone for making this possible. Gotti and Sam will soon be set for life and I know they thank you too.


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