Stella and her puppies

January 20, 2018

Stella and her 6 pups were an owner surrender to Maggie Society when the pups were around 4 weeks old. When her foster dad picked them up, Stella and her pups were inside the house, but he saw some other dogs outside in pens. We're assuming that Stella lived out there with them until she had her pups and then they moved them inside out of the cold.

Stella was a very skittish mom when she first came into the foster program. It was obvious that she hadn't had much human contact and no discipline. Luckily, she was still very young and wanted to please her new humans. She slowly started to trust her foster dad. When pups were around 8 weeks old Stella and her pups went into another foster home for Animal Placement Agency of the Windsor. There she started to blossom more as she learned that it was not acceptable to nip or jump up on humans. She was introduced to going for short walks using a leash which she did not like at first. Her foster mom said, "Stella behaved like a puppy in an adult body." Her foster dad visit her and her pups before she flew out to NJ. She wasn't sure who he was at first. It took her a little bit then she was happy to see him. We think Stella knows now that there are humans that's looking out for her and her pups best interest. She seemed to enjoy her adventure flying to NJ and is starting to relax. Soon she and her pups will be ready for their forever homes. Her days as an another dog in a pen 24/7 in the south, are history. She will soon know the good life as it was meant to be: an inside dog, showered with tons of love and affection from her humans.


Air Mutt Muffs flew the southern leg to pick up the lovelies.

Meet Stella and her puppies.   Stella is almost a puppy herself.   But she's a really good mom.
Pam and Stella admiring the puppies.  The little ones are lucky.  They'll never the know the hard life of living outside all alone.
Co-pilot Cheri meets mama Stella.  Stella is really loveable.
Pilot Michele stocks up on some puppy love!

After two flights, the furry family arrives in New Jersey to the care of Animal Placement Agency of the Windsor. 

May their foster stays be short and their lives long and happy.

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