Abby is a member of the Rhode Island K9 Response Team.   She is trained in tracking & trailing.  When she is not training, Abby does meets and greets with the local schools, boy scouts and tiger clubs.  She is a hit with the children. 

She also does Pet search and rescue which is a full time job.  She has found several lost dogs and a cat.   
Abby's first time at pet search and rescue was for a local person who called to see if Abby could help to find their missing boxer, who had been hit by a car on the highway and took off the day before.  That next day within 15 minutes Abby found the Boxer along the highway, hurt, scared and cold.  

She has tracked coyotes for a local study group, which was a lot of fun.   Abby got to go to a private island a few times and meet many new friends there, and ride a ferry.  She also loves to go kayaking!
Abby has put smiles on many faces, and she does it all for a cookie!  





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