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They worked great for the hunting trip!! Here are a couple of pictures. You should really advertise these for hunting dogs. To train, I put the muffs on in the living room and fed treats. Did that a couple of nights, but only for a couple of minutes at a time. Then took him to a field and had him sit next to me while I fired three shots from the shotgun with no muffs. Then put the muffs on and shot another 8 shots. Can't say he totally understood, but when we were hunting the past four days, the muffs did not bother him at all. In fact, when he returned from a retrieve and I held the muffs out to put them on again, he stuck his head out as if to signal that he wanted them on. He sat in the duck blind for 3 hours each day with the muffs on and never complained. Thanks! Kenny





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