Landen and 4 Hound Puppies
July 11, 2009
I had the privilege today to meet Jennifer, who works at the local shelter in Roxboro, NC.   She has the first-hand knowledge of stuff we all would prefer not to know.   The shelter is at capacity.  A few weeks ago there was an owner-surrender of puppies.   Mama dog lived chained to a stake and the puppies were just running loose.   One had been hit by a car, but the owner brought the remaining 4 to the pound.    With no room available, the pups would have been gassed that same day, but Jennifer loaded the brood in her car and took them home until a place could be found for them, and transport arranged.   Jay Willis with Thunder's Angels Dog Rescue in Philadelphia offered to take them and get them adopted.   Pilot's N Paws provided the transport.

Team Mutt Muff, Cheri and Michele, flying to NC.  Five puppies were breaking out we were driving the get-away plane.
  Four 12-week old hound dog pups, and Landen, a 4-month old black lab mix will fly to Philadelphia

Love that puppy smell.  

Although, somewhere over Quantico, Cheri and I looked at each other and whiffed the air.   The dreaded realization that icky cleanup would be required upon landing was premature though.   The smell dissipated, and it will forever remain a mystery which one let 'er rip.  It was a real doozy though.

  Back in Westminster, MD and awaiting the arrival of Kirsten, who would fly the next leg to Philadelphia, everyone got to relax and play,


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