Down in Anderson, SC, is a huge animal shelter with easily 500 dogs in it on a day-to-day basis. In this economy, not many of these dogs will find local adopters. Fortunately, the women that run the shelter for the city are very, very dedicated to working with rescues and transporters to get as many dogs out of their shelter as possible and on their way to parts of the country where there is not an animal overpopulation problem and where the dogs will more likely find new homes of their own. But there is a huge amount of dogs and many end up on death row...perfectly adoptable...but not able to get out in time.

A few rescues in the Northeast have agreed to take nine "death row dogs" from the Anderson shelter, rehabilitate them and find them new homes. Now these lucky dogs just need a way to get from SC to their final destinations...and that's where ARF comes in!

ARF Passengers:

Destination: Pets Alive in Montgomery, NY (KMGJ)
1) Sheriff - Malanois shep 
2) Honeysuckle - Husky mix, 9 months old
3) Hansel - Basset mix 
4) Gretel - Basset mix

Destination:  Animal Shelter in Manchester, NH 
5) Andy - Yellow lab, 8 months old
6) Jelly Bean - jack russell terrier

Destination: Beau Buddy Rescue in Wiscasset, ME 
Jarrett, black lab mix, 6 months old

Destination: Albany, NY (4B0):
8) Piccadilly - terrier mix
9) Rembrandt - shih tzu 

ARF Pilots

Leg #1
Jerry S.
Tom C. 
Leg #2: 
John J.
Terry L.
Leg #3: 
Michael D.
Jeff L.
Dean C.
Team Mutt Muffs!
Leg #4
Dave G.
Leg #4A: 
Howard P.
Leg #5: 
Todd A.
Meet Jarrett.   He started out this morning at an overcrowded shelter in SC.    Two flights later, he finally arrives in Frederick, MD
Jelly Bean and Andy arrive at Frederick, MD flown in by Terry and Rebecca

Team Mutt Muffs flew Jarrett, Piccadilly and Rembrandt from MD to Montgomery NY.    Here Jarrett says "Thanks" and relaxes a bit before the next leg.

Piccadilly is peeking out from her carrier

Team Mutt Muffs, John and Michele pose with their passengers, before they all take off for final destinations.    

Piccadilly and Rembrandt will next fly to Albany.  Jarrett is next headed for a new home in Maine

Andy and Jelly Bean meet their next pilot Dave, who will fly then to NH
Andy arrives in NH.   Finally home!
Andy and Jarrett meet Jarrett's next pilot Todd.   Next and last stop for Jarrett - Wiscasset, ME
Jarrett and Todd get acquainted.  He was such a trooper.   A very long and confusing day for such a young pup, but he bonded with every pilot along the way.    We wish all of them the happiness they deserve.


Update:   7/11/2011 - We are so happy to know that Picadilly was adopted into a wonderful new home in September 2010


Here he is with his new Dad, Drew.

He is an incredible animal.  Thank you.    Drew M.