My dog would never wear those...

You’d be surprised.

It doesn’t take long for most dogs to “compute” cause and effect.   Dogs figure out very quickly that the Mutt Muffs are what is stopping the noise.   Ironically, most make this determination by getting them off in flight.  Usually just once.  That's all the doggy evidence required to know life was happier when they were on.

When adjusted properly, Mutt Muffs fit securely enough that head shaking isn’t enough to get them off.  Removal takes paw power. 


Can I Return Them?

Faster than you can say Woof!  Just click here for exchange and refund information


What's the dB rating?

The inner foam that we use is the exact same ester resin foam that is used in many high end commercial head sets designed for humans.  Based on the materials used, the estimated decibel reduction is between 25 and 28, assuming proper fit and a good seal against your pup's head.  That's 25-28 dB reduction in the human hearing range of 20,000 cycles per second, which is the only range that we have data for.   Our canine friends can hear much higher frequencies (in the range of 43,000 cycles per second).   As the frequency goes up, so does the effectiveness of Mutt Muffs, simply because the higher the frequency is, the more easily it is absorbed.  Therefore, Mutt Muffs are especially effective at protecting against the high frequency wind whistles and shrieks we humans cannot even hear.

There is another factor that comes into play as well.  The dog's own ear flaps are down and covering the ear canal, providing yet another layer of protection, better even than placing your hands over your own ears. 


What's the shipping time?

  • Orders received before 10am Eastern time will ship the same day
  • After 10am Eastern time, your order will ship on the following day
  • Custom color (red, blue, pink) Mutt Muffs are not guaranteed to be in stock.  Add two days
  • To see USPS domestic shipping times click here.  Starting zip code is 28623
  • Express mail is overnight to MOST locations.  To know for sure, click here.  Starting zip code is 28623
  • Express mail requires a signature.  Be sure to ship where someone can sign for the package.
  • UPS shipping times are here.   Starting zip code is 28623.  UPS does NOT pick up on Saturday or Sunday.
  • If you order overnight shipping on Saturday, they will not be delivered on Sunday.  Sunday's don't count.   Neither do holidays.  Sorry.   Blame the Post Office.
  • Continuing that line of thought, If you order overnight shipping on Sunday, they will not be delivered on Monday.  Remember... Sunday's don't count.   Neither do holidays.  Sorry.   Blame the Post Office.

Does it really make a difference?...

It makes a big difference!  Even if you’re not convinced that the noise is harmful to your dog, think of how uncomfortable you know it must be.   The most reported change in a dog’s demeanor has been that the dog used to “sleep” during the flight, but with the Muff Muffs he’s up and looking out the window, actually enjoying the flight.  He wasn’t “sleeping” before…. He was uncomfortable.


Does Noise Really Hurt My Dog's Ears?

You Betcha!... Yes-noise can be dangerous.. If it is loud enough and lasts long enough, it can damage your dog's hearing. The damage caused by noise, called sensorineural hearing loss or nerve loss, can be caused by several factors other than noise, but noise-induced hearing loss is different in one important way... it can be reduced or prevented altogether.


Why Can't I Just Stuff His Ears With Cotton?...

Good Luck with that!  Ordinary cotton balls or tissue paper wads stuffed into the ear canals are very poor protectors; they reduce noise only by approximately 7 dB.   More importantly, dog's don't like that.


How come my dog can still hear me while wearing the muffs?

Because Mutt Muffs are not 'noise eliminating'.   They provide 'passive decibel reduction', which means they reduce dangerous noise levels to acceptable noise levels.   Don't believe it?   Run to Home Depot and try on a set of ear muffs for use around loud power tools.  You will still be able to hear the clerk tell you to stop opening packages, or he will have to call the manager.    Granted, not as loudly as without them, but you will still be able to hear and understand.



Can Cats Wear Mutt Muffs?

We have sold quite a few Mutt Muffs to the feline community.  Mutt Muffs "fit" cats.   Whether or not Kitty will wear them is, however, completely between you and Kitty.   As always, if your little darling refuses, you may return them for a refund, provided Kitty has not exacted revenge and destroyed them.


Do They Work for Fireworks?

Even though that was not the original intent, they may work to reduce your dog's fear of fireworks.   Many dogs fear fireworks sounds because they don't understand what it is.  Mutt Muffs are NOT noise canceling.   Your dog will still hear the sounds, but at a reduced level.   So, it's possible your dog will still fear the sound regardless of how loud it is.



We don't really recommend them for thunderstorms.  Mutt Muffs were designed to prevent hearing damage, not to eliminate sounds.  So, they are not very effective for thunderstorms.  Most dogs know when a storm is coming long before the first clap of thunder.   Most of their fear is not related to sound.   Dogs can sense the drop in air pressure, and can feel the static in the air.  Even with the muffs on, he will still hear the thunder, just not as loudly.   If he fears the sound because he doesn't understand it, it is very likely he will still fear it at a reduced decibel level.