Police Dogs
The "traditional" image of a police dog is one used to enforce public order by chasing and holding suspects, but they also are used to locate suspects or finding missing persons or objects.  Some dogs are used to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives.  Canine officers are well-trained, they have police badges and are considered police officers under the law in many states.
Search & Rescue
In the wake of disaster, people aren't the only ones that put themselves in harm's way to help others.  Search and rescue dogs have become an important component of rescue operations, often locating survivors and reaching them when humans cannot.  Most of these heros are volunteers.  We've provided links to their organizations and all donations are important and very much appreciated.
Service Dogs
A service dog can do many tasks, depending on the person's disability. A dog guide is the eyes for its blind handler.  A hearing dog alerts the handler to sounds, a Seizure Alert/Response dog responds when the handler has a seizure, and a Mobility Assist Dog (also called a Service Dog), is the arms and legs for a disabled person. Psychiatric Service Dogs can alert to anxiety and panic attacks as well as remind handlers to take medication.
Police K9 Bali
Service dog Cruzer at the California Speedway.
Service dog Bandit
Service dog AND band mascot - Mathis
U.S. Coast Guard dogs gear up with eyewear and ear protection to keep them safe at sea from rotor wash, sea spray, foreign debris and engine noise.
King County Sheriff's Office Tac-30 (SWAT) dog, Bane
Protection Dog Saker
Service Dog Drifter
Flo Jo is a member of the Australian Special Forces and has completed numerous tours in Afganistan and found plenty of IED's
Blaze is a medical service dog, who now enjoys shooting competitions
SFC Timmy-US Army in Afghanistan
Spirit is a Military Working Dog in Iraq
Leah is a certified hearing dog and can be found at most professional auto races.
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Star is a 3 year old Labradoodle - "Hawaii Fi-Do" Hearing Service Dog, who travels with me wearing her "Mutt Muffs." 
Indy, my medical alert service dog, is delighted to have mutt muffs because he can now join me in attending musical theater and concerts without damaging his very sensitive hearing. 

 SFC Boe

SFC Boe is a therapy dog that tends to soldiers in Iraq suffering from combat stress and injuries.  

Modesto, CA Police K9 Unit 

Zak and Fritz have been the first two K9's 'Range Qualified' this year.


King County Search Dogs

The training went well and Loki (my dog) adjusted to the Mutt Muffs quite well, I had tried it on him earlier and he didn't want anything to do with the Mutt Muffs, but once the engine cranked up he never tried to take them off after.  I did feel a bit sorry for him though since he had to wear Mutt Muffs, Doggles and a muzzle ;)  (The doggles and muzzle are required for helicopter deployments).  I attached a few pictures that I thought you would enjoy



 Rhode Island Urban Search & Rescue  Max is all prepared for today’s helicopter training. He has his Mutt Muffs to protect his hearing and they also keep flying particles from getting into his ears as well. Doggles to protect his eyes and his harness to allow me have better control in case of an emergency


Blayd is a one and a half year old Labradoodle who was rescued from an animal shelter and put into training to be an Assistance Dog.  He works with his handler in Queensland Australia, and he is now able to assist her at places such as concerts and movies, thanks to his new Mutt Muffs.


Horton is a Beautiful Golden Retriever full of life. He is being trained as a Psychiatric Service Dog for his handler and now that he has his Mutt Muff's there is no place he can't go!!
Mountain Rescue Search Dog

Eva on Angel Flight missions