Three great little dogs, Jet (black Pomeranian), Rascal (shih-tzu mix)  and Duke (pure mutt)  were saved from death row at a pound in Spruce Pines, NC.   Rascal ended up in a shelter because his owner had a new baby.  Jet was there because his owner just didn't want him anymore and Duke was brought in because his owner's house caught on fire.

Loving homes were waiting in Rhode Island.   All of these dogs were so loveable and so happy to have some human kindness.    We wish them many years of happiness in their new homes.


Jet, Rascal and Duke were saved from death row at a pound in Spruce Pines, NC
  All seats taken.  No standbys will be accommodated today.  ;)
  Leg #1.  Pilot Matt flies the gang from NC to Louisa, VA
  Leg #2.   Team Mutt Muff meets the gang at KLKU (Louisa, VA)
  Rascal couldn't wait to start Leg 2.
  Preflight briefing by Cheri.   "No poo in the plane"
Time for a drink and snack and to meet Leg #3 Pilot Linda at Deck Airport (Myerstown, PA)
Time to get going.   Next stop:  Greenwood Lake, NJ
Safe on the ground in NJ, the dogs meet some of Linda's friends
Pilot Ron flies the last leg from NJ to RI where they will be adopted into new homes



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