September 12, 2009 - This was a long and emotionally charged day for so many people.   Team Mutt Muffs played our small part in helping four wonderful dogs today.

Two of 21 dogs, Snoops and Maxine, rescued from a hoarding abuse case ( ) joined us at the Carroll County airport for a flight to Hornell, NY.    They are beautiful dogs once you look past the scars and missing patches of fur due to malnutrition.

On arrival at Hornell, NY, we had quite the welcome!   At least 30 people turned out to greet us and Snoops & Maxine.   But this was only the first half of the "mission". 

Debo and Meiko needed a lift to a new life back in MD.  A judge ordered them killed after a biting incident.   The local Humane Society hired a lawyer and got the ruling overturned, but the dogs had to be relocated out of the area.  They've been trained and socialized by the wonderful folks at the Hornell Humane Society and Team Mutt Muffs flew them to Pitts & Rotts for Life Rescue in MD.

Quote from Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald with the Humane Society... "The only way we could guarantee their survival was to negotiate they go to a pit-bull rescue outside of Hornell.  We found one that was willing to work with us.  These dogs were abused by the kid they bit in the leg and the dogs are both under one-year old.  I consulted with the animal behaviorist that was brought in from the ASPCA to help with Vick’s dogs, and I spent hours with them myself.  I never observed anything but the desire to please from these two.  They are here on the Alfred State campus right now hanging out with the Vet Tech students and loving all of the attention they can get.  People suck most of the time and I convinced our attorney that this appeal on their behalf was necessary." 

Team Mutt Muffs John and Michele with Snoops and Maxine ready to load up and fly to Hornell, NY
Snoops and Maxine getting settled in the back.  Their condition would break your heart, but their love puts it right back together again.
   And we're off!
  Snoops meeting his new temporary people.  This adorable guy will be ready for adoption soon thanks to the wonderful care he will receive.
  Maxine soaking up all the attention.  
  Debo and Mieko.  Pit bulls get alot of bad press, but when properly socialized and loved, they make wonderful pets.  These cuties got a rough start in life, but I know they'll be fine thanks to all the care from all the wonderful volunteers who work so tirelessly on behalf of all the defenseless animals that come their way.
  It was a very emotional goodbye, but these two will find great homes.   They are so loveable.
  Debo and Mieko are ready to fly
  The beginning of a flight to a better life.

 More "Missions"

We don't always know the final chapter in the lives of those we help rescue.   But this time we do.  Both Deebo and Meiko were adopted by wonderful families, and they now have lives that they never could have dreamed possible.   Here are some photos sent in by the forever families.