Modesto, CA Police K9 Unit



Officer Jesse Gutierrez with K9 Zak.



Officer Frankie Inacio and K9 Fritz.

We use the muffs out at the shooting range to be able to have the dogs with us during shooting courses and shooting qualifications.  Before the muffs,  we would fire a few rounds then put the dogs up.  Now we are able to fire the entire qualification course with the dogs at our side, still being able to protect the dogs and their hearing.  Having the dogs with us during the shoot allows us to see how the dog will react if the dog is ever with us during a fire fight.  If any training issues arise, we can now work on them immediately, still shooting out at the range. 


After buying the muffs, Zak and Fritz have been the first to be out with us during the entire shooting course.  The course has us un-holster each time and shoot while standing and kneeling.  This last qualification, we were able to have the dogs out with us.  I believe that makes Zak and Fritz the first two K9's 'Range Qualified' this year.