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I've used your Mutt Muffs several times now with great results. The dogs don't seem to mind wearing them while flying. It seems to have somewhat of a calming effect on them. I don't know how effective they are, but it's cheap insurance knowing that you're doing something to make the dog's life a little more comfortable in a noisy airplane. Regards, Dave M. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 4/14/2008... Hi! One of my friends happened past your booth at SnF today, and your photo album happened to be open to the page with my picture in it. She recognized my plane immediately and had to call me. I just wanted to give you 2 additional pieces of feedback that might be useful to you: 1. The dogs I've tried MuttMuffs on (miniature schnauzers and miniature dachshunds) do not seem to try to pull them off. You would think that dogs would get annoyed having something on their ears and would be doggedly determined to get them off, but that does not seem to be the case. They don't seem to mind having them on their head. The longest trip I've done so far has been 4 hours, and the (crated) dog still had them on when we landed. 2. Because I transport dogs of various different sizes and wasn't sure whether the small or medium size would be best, I bought a strip of Velcro (pile or hook I don't remember) with adhesive backing, and attached it to the outside of one of the ear muffs. That way, if the MuttMuff is really too big for the dog, I can still make it fit by simply pulling the strap farther through and fastening it on the side of the muff instead of where it's supposed to fit. And that way I can salvage a flight that might have been in jeopardy because the size was too large for the dog's head. Great product, easy to use, and works as expected. Dave M.