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Chloe & Lana

MuttMuffs on 2 Basset sisters (about 1 year old). With the exception of a Bloodhound, I couldn’t find any pics on your website which showed a dog with the long ears of a Basset and thus I had no clue as to if the ear was to be rolled up and stuffed in the MuttMuff or left outside. These pics might help others with the same breed understand. Because the Basset and Bloodhound have such large ears and further down the head than most breeds, the chin strap can be difficult to get “just right”. [Editor's two cents: As in the photo, let those long floppy ears hang out the bottom of the muff. The rubber seal is very soft and won't pinch. Promise. If you find you need a shorter chin strap, just contact us and we'll swap you for a strap from the next size down]





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