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KC -4 year old Cardigan Corgi. We just came north to Western, NY from Seven Lakes, near KSOP, Southern Pines/Pinehurst NC for the summer in 22D, a wonderful 50 year old 182. We leave a car at each end. KC usually gets the whole back seat but gets a relatively small space for this trip. He understands and does well with it. KC has sold a few Mutt Muffs for you. I help because I am a strong believer in them. Our last dog Max became deaf in his old age. Fortunately he was smart enough to learn hand signals. I always felt bad he had become deaf.. Thank you for what you are doing for our beloved pets. KC is an extremely "spirited" Cardi. Twice a day he chased a tennis ball, often hit with the wind behind our backs down the runway @ Gilliam McConnell airport (5NC3) in Carthage NC. In addition he was walked about 2 miles a day. In November he had 3 discs in his back rupture for no obvious reason. He was in great shape, not heavy and only four years old. You can see from the photo taken 5/25 that surgery and therapy has been somewhat of a miracle. He is not 100%, but loves life, is still spirited with some limitations, knows what his Mutt Muffs are for, and loves to join us in our flying adventures.. Thank You! Jerry





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