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Left to right, it's Danielle, Charlie, and Colleen. It's funny that the kids get whiney if they can't watch movies, but there's ol' Charlie, happily watching the world go by. PS: Funny story tidbit while we were discussing taking the dog on a flight with the girls one day... Our youngest says, "Mom, Charlie has had sex". Mom says "What was that?" (Trying to see if she heard correctly). "Mom, Charlie has had sex." Mom: "What is it you're saying?" "You know, those things that he wears on his ears......."(and with a clearer voice...) headsets". "Why, what did you think I was saying?" "I thought you said Charlie has had SEX.", says Mom. "Mom, what's sex?".... And so it begins.... Tim O. ( editor's two cents: Visit Tim's RV10 Builders site: )





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