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Yes, after several scrubbed flights due to weather, and lots of anxious people on both ends, we finally had a beautiful transport on Thursday, Nov. 20th. I drove Delaney, the Border Collie mix I'd been fostering, to Marathon in the FL Keys to meet our pilot, Jeff Bennett, who was there waiting with another rescuer with two cats. Jeff then flew Delaney, the cats and their rescuer to Venice, FL and dropped the cats off. Then he took Delaney on to Leesburg to meet her new mom, Jo Smith. I talked to Jo moments after getting Delaney and she was just over the moon! She and Delaney are a really great match. A huge thanks goes out to Jeff, our sky angel and to Pilots-n-Paws for a wonderful transport. This was a very happy ending for a formerly homeless and very sweet dog, who is now in a loving, forever home. (Delaney was very good with her Mutt Muffs and never once tried to pull them off!) And now, we're working on our next mission! Thank you all! ~Jill~ Jill Hayes Photography MarrVelous Pet Rescues & Adoptions





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