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Daisy - Pomeranian

I am attaching some photos of our little Pomeranian, Daisy in her new "Mutt Muffs." This past Saturday, my boyfriend, Glenn Miller (the pilot), and I took Daisy on her "maiden" flight. I put the muffs on her and let her walk around the airport for awhile so that she could get accustomed to the feel. Initially, she tried to shake them off but after she realized they wouldn't come off, she seemed OK with them on. Our plane is a two-seater so she sits on my lap which is just fine with her. She was a wonderful passenger during our one hour flight and enjoyed just looking out the window. We were pleased and happy that Daisy's ears are now protected so she can accompany us when we fly. And, of course, she looks so "Pretty in Pink!" Adele S., Orlando, FL





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