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Sam - Alaskan Malamute

We discovered Sam's Mutt Muffs in today's mail. This very afternoon he donned them for the first time and we immediately went out on a mile-long walk. There were many LOUD distractions but he ignored them completely. What a refreshing change from hearing a loud sound and have the dog begin to twitch and struggle to control himself and hold off a grand mal seizure! We'll continue to don the leash then Mutt Muffs and set out on our walks with confidence! I know that one walk does not necessarily mean we've found a cure but if today is any indication, we may all be onto something here! Many many thanks for the prompt delivery and we'll keep you apprised of how Sam does as we walk about our housing addition with all its construction sounds. Sam's Mom *** UPDATE 2/21/2010 *** I promised you an update as Sam now never takes a walkabout without his MuttMuffs! Sam has a distinctive pace, which is positively rhythmic, and we can now attest that he never even breaks his stride when loud unexpected sounds occur. Earlier this past week, as we walked our housing addition, a large truck dropped an entire load of roof rafters at a new house under construction, which made a horrendous boom and then clatter, and Sam didn't even turn to look, just maintained his steady walking pace. Sam hasn't had a nervous tic, flinched at sounds, or seizure since we began using the MuttMuffs! When we recovered Sam from his boarding kennel, the vet tech who takes over the responsibility for walking Sam a mile morning and afternoon related that she was amazed when walking him on a local public track surrounded by ball fields: the kids were hitting baseballs with aluminum bats and Sam never even flinched at the sound. Thank you again for the wonderful MuttMuffs which have brought everyone relief from our Malamute's sound-triggered seizures! Sam's Mom





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