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Rocky - Black lab

Just wanted you to know that after 4 years of riding the rails in my speeder car, Mutt Muffs are not just for pilot dogs. Rail dogs enjoy the comfort from owning Mutt Muffs too. Riding the rails all day and night without all of the engine noise and the sound of the cold steel wheels. As I roll on down the line in comfort. Thanks Safe and Sound Pets. "Rail Rider Rocky" - - - Our Hobby is Nation Wide with around 18,000 Members. Folks that I have met on some of our Rail excursions on the west coast have shown a great interest in Rocky's Mutt Muffs. If you would like to know more about our hobby and the folks that might need to know that Mutt Muffs are available, our National Organization is ( I am a board member of Motorcar Operators West (, a west coast club affiliated with NARCOA You can also see some of our Venders on line at ( Our Lab is a smart dog and he knows the difference between having and not having his Mutt Muffs on. As he rides the rails back in time. A simpler way of life. ALL...............Aboard Lonnie H.





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