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My name is Turbo and I am a flying dog! I have been flying since I was a wee pup and have over 50 hours logged! I have flown as far north as Canada and as south as the Bahamas! My first flight was when my parents flew in to West Virginia to pick me up and take me to my new home in Maryland. I am the mutt star in an upcoming children's book series, Turbo the Flying Dog. Turbo the Flying Dog is a light hearted adventure series focusing on family and overcoming ones fears for ages four to eight. General aviation, animal rescue, and diversity are reoccurring themes. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund business and printing expenses for the book. I was wondering if you would consider sharing our project via social media.I think our book might interest your shoppers. I am an avid wearer of Mutt Muffs as you can see in the attached picture! The second my Mom and Dad puts them on me, I know it's time to lay down and nap because the engine will be starting up soon! You can view my Kickstarter campaign here: And my webpage here:





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