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Duckie: Part Mogwai from Gremlins/Part Brillo Pad

Eight pounds of tenacity, this is a shot of Duckie sitting on the track of her excavator at work gold mining in the Northern Yukon. Most miners have Huskies or Wolf X’s, but my hubby LOVES his little rescued "Ugly Duckling"! She spends every day in his massive excavator with a track that’s almost 6’ high in this monster of a machine with my husband Greg all day long and LOVES it. Now that she has her Mutt Muffs she enjoys it even MORE! When he puts on his ear protection she gives him the stink eye until he gets her geared up too and she happily wears them ALL DAY! They spend an entire season without a day off...all day...every day from April until October in that machine and I cannot tell you how much comfort it gives me to know that BOTH members of my family are protected from hearing loss as that exposure to that amount of noise on a daily basis would no doubt be hugely damaging to them both. I was surprised to learn that she immediately accepted her Mutt Muffs and wore them with no issues from the moment they were placed on her head she took to them like a "Duck to water!” THANK YOU so very much for creating such an amazing, sturdy, well made, safe and useful product. On another note, the one other thing that impressed Greg was IF she DID shake them off, was that she couldn’t lose them as they just slipped onto her neck. BRILLIANT! Dog bless, Heather P.





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