Amber & Seven Puppies

December 5, 2015

As told by Pam...

Amber and her puppies were picked up as strays. After their stray hold was up, they were released to me. All were very, very timid. Mom wouldn't come to me unless I had food. Sometimes that didn't even help. Pups huddled in the corner while I cleaned their area. They all were like this for about 2 weeks. I was getting worried that mom would have a hard time trusting people again. Eventually she started going outside in the big yard and in the kitchen with my dogs. They helped her out of her uneasiness. She started going for walks with us and did wonderful. Would let people pet her but really didn't have much of an interest in them once she was petted.

Amber had on a 1 1/2- 2 inch buckled collar which left a mark around her neck when I removed it at the shelter. That's why I had her in a harness rather than a collar. I didn't want to put anything around her neck. I'm guessing that she was probably tied outside all her life without much human contact. She acted like she had been abused. More likely she was.

Stephanie with APAW, have the pups posted on her website now. Amber was hw + and is going through treatment. Stephanie said Amber have a fear of doorways. She have to put a leash on her to get her in and out. I didn't notice that here as much since we would get her to come inside the house using the dog door. Same in puppy den. She's doing much better and enjoys being around people and other dogs.




First leg pilot Michele holding one of the adorable little puppies.   I think he looks like Yoda?

Michele with Vicki holding Amber, while seven puppies burn off some energy before the flight
A little sibling tug of war is always fun
It's like a herd of Dingos!

The IXA Airport Manager even came out to get some puppy love.

Amber and her babies got a tough start in life, but I know things can only get better.   The puppies will never remember the hardship.  But Amber will always be grateful.

Chip and Elliott flew Leg 2 to Trenton, NJ

The family is now with Stephanie, owner/director of APAW (Animal Placement Agency of the Windsor. a 501c3)

May they all find loving homes.

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