October 10, 2010 -  in Anderson, SC, is a huge animal shelter with easily 500 dogs in it on a day-to-day basis. In this economy, not many of these dogs will find local adopters. Fortunately, the women that run the shelter for the city are very, very dedicated to working with rescues and transporters to get as many dogs out of their shelter as possible and on their way to parts of the country where there is not an animal overpopulation problem and where the dogs will more likely find new homes of their own. But there is a huge amount of dogs and many end up on death row...perfectly adoptable...but not able to get out in time.

ARF Passengers going to Beau Buddy Rescue in Wiscasset, ME (KIWI):
Julie Damon beaubuddyrescue@yahoo.com 207-522-5592 
Iris pit bull pup approx 15 lbs 

ARF Passengers going to Pets Alive in Montgomery, NY (KMGM):
845-649-1860 kerri@petsalive.com 
Autumn chihuahua 10 lbs 
Cindy Corgi/chi x tba appox 20 lbs 
Hoagie doxy x 19 lbs 
Harpo doxy x tba approx 20 lbs 
Scooter chihuahua x tba approx 15 lbs 
Clyde chihuahua x tba approx 15 lbs 
Quigley peke x tba appox 15 lbs 
Jack Farley spaniel x tba approx 20 lbs 
Dudley terrier x tba approx 25 lbs 
Grover terrier x tb approx 20 lbs 
Kermit terrier x tba approx 25 lbs 
Chase doxy x tba approx 20 lbs

ARF Passengers going to Jen Politis in Albany, NY (4B0):
518-369-4482 jenpolitis@verizon.net 
Smitty chihuahua 9 lbs

ARF Pilots:

Jerry S.
John S.
Frank R.
Barry S.
Team Mutt Muffs!
Al B.
Bruce C.
Mike S.
Bob C.
Mike W.
Tom B.
Bill W.
Joe and Lori B.



Harpo waiting for Cindy to be boarded
  Kermits decides to rest, its taking too long to get boarded, just like the big airliners! Harpo is trying to sniff out the treats he knows are in the back seat pocket.
  Chase, says "enough already, can't we get going yet?"
Mike M, Al, Bruce Brin and Mike S with some of the passengers
Smile Iris..boy was she close to being adopted right on the field!
Orange County, NY.  Final destination for most of the passengers
Safe and Sound at Orange County with Pets Alive receivers
ARF Pilot Mike gathers up Iris to introduce her to her new foster family.


And we have video!    Before you judge, understand... we're pilots, not cameramen.     Enjoy!


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