Bakers Dozen

May 14, 2017

As told by Pam...

These 13 puppies, the "Bakers Dozen", are from two different litters.

I first saw the 5 - black and tan pups listed on Craigslist for $5 each. I contacted the family and asked if they would release them to rescue, and if not, at least increase the price since a low fee would be easy for them to be bought for bait training for dog fights.  They did increase their fee, but not enough to prevent some "weird" interest in their pups.  Eventually, they turned them over to me.  

A co-workers daughter had pups that she was trying to find homes for. There were a total of 11 pups. She had recently posted them on Craigslist.  I told them "I'll take them, please don't let them go on Craigslist." The next day, they brought 6 of the pups to me. Others were spoken for. I offered to take any of the others if they came back prior to flight.   Two came back and we now had a Bakers Dozen.

Thanks to wonderful pilots that gave up Mothers Day to help these pups get to their rescue.

Unlike so many pups in the South, these 13 will never know what it's like to be tied up outside, locked up in a pen, left outside in extreme heat and cold, and not loved by their humans. They may never know how fortunate they were when they landed in my care and on to APAW to eventually find their forever homes. 


This is Pam saying goodbye to her favorite puppy.  

They're all favorites.  Who am I kidding.

Vicki gets a final farewell hug with Bree.  

These ladies work miracles saving so many.  They care for and love these dogs, and then send them on their way to loving homes. 

There are so many more waiting.

Meet the "Baker's Dozen"!

13 of the most adorable fur balls ever.

It's painful to think what their fates might have been.  They'll never know how lucky they really are.
It's not as easy as you might think to load 13 puppies in a Cessna Skyhawk.

But eventually we did it!  


Happy Mothers Day!
God Bless
Mission Complete!

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