Billy, Bob, Chi Chi and Chong

May 16, 2015

Chi Chi and Chong were surrendered to the shelter as their owner had passed away. Deborah stepped up to foster these two cuties! 

Billy was picked up by animal control and managed to stay alive in the shelter for over 30 days. An URGENT plea was sent out for him as his time was up and he was next on the euthanasia list.  Susan stepped up to foster him and saved his life.

Bobby and his siblings along with his mom were abandoned and left inside a rental property. When the owners went to clean the property, they found Bobby and 4 other dogs inside the home. All the dogs were rescued, and Bob's mom and siblings were sent to Almost Home Dog Rescue on a previous transport. 


Meet Chi Chi and Chong.  These two had a loving home, and then through no fault of theirs, they found themselves at the shelter.

Meet Billy.  When they found this poor soul at the shelter, he had mange so bad he was scratching and biting himself raw.   He was taken straight to the vet for treatment.   The pink skin you see is where his hair is now finally growing back

This is Bob.   He's a very shy dog and nervous of new people and surroundings. 


So Bob was given a little "pharmaceutical help" for the trip

Billy:  "Aw shucks.  I wish you'd wait for my hair to grow back before taking all these pictures"


Bob:  "Whoa dude!  When I turn my head real quick like this, I get all oogy"

Chong: "Was that a cat?!?"


Chi Chi:  "I hope they have snacks on this flight"


Bob:  "What?"


Billy: "I'm so happy.  But I could go for a snack too"

Jackie and Michele preparing to load the now very mellow Bob



Bob:  "Am I standing?  or sitting?"

After a 2.5 hour flight, Leg 1 is complete.


The pups meet Steve, the next pilot who will deliver them home in style.  Steve has a beautiful Cessna 340. 


Chi Chi:  "You're staring again"


Billy:  "I can't help it"


Bob:  "Wait a minute...   Something's different"

Chong pays for all the flights with kisses.


Chi Chi:  "Chong is such a suck up"


Billy:  "What's wrong with Bob?"


Bob:  "Can I get a wake-up call for 8?"


All the darlings were delivered to Almost Home Dog Rescue.  This group does an amazing job finding homes for all the lost souls that come their way


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