Bo & Mo and Mama "B"

December 11, 2011

Bo and Mo and a very pregnant mama beagle left kill shelters in NC for the safety of rescues in NY and NH.  Most southern shelters face severe overcrowding with very limited resources.     

Team Mutt Muffs lifted off in the pre-dawn hours to get the trio on their way to happy new homes in time for Christmas.

Bo & Mo are going to Alpha Dog Rescue in Rochester, NH.  Pregnant mama beagle is going to Helping Hounds Rescue in Syracuse, NY.

Shannon and Trixie with Bo & Mo.   These guys are a bundle of energy.  (The lineman inquired if we had tranquilizers)
Leslie and Jo with little Mama "B".   There was speculation that little mama was close to delivering.   That would be a first for "Air Mutt Muffs"
Time for one last belly rub before we load up and head north

Good news - We left NC with three dogs, and landed at KDMW, Westminster, MD with only three dogs.

Here Bo & Mo meet their next pilot, David.    David will fly the next leg to get this loveable duo on the way to their final destination in NH.

Team Mutt Muffs John says goodbye to Mama "B", and wishes her next pilot, Gary, an uneventful flight.   
Gary gets mama all snuggled in for one more flight.   Next stop - Syracuse, and a safe place to call home
So long Mama "B"
Bye bye Bo and Mo.   

David handed off Bo & Mo to Leg 3 Pilot Dan, who flew the lucky boys to Alpha Dog rescue in NH.

We wish them loving families for Christmas.