Saturday - May 5, 2012

Boston and Woody

When Boston's family lost their home at foreclosure, they gave Boston to a neighbor.   Unfortunately the neighbor decided he couldn't keep Boston either, and took him to the shelter.   The area had been deemed a high-rabies area, and that meant automatic euthanasia.  Lucky for Boston, Rhonda with Chances Angel Rescue & Education pulled him out.   And the best part....   Boston has a new family to call his own in Philadelphia

Little Woody is just a puppy.   We don't know how he ended up at the shelter, but it would have been a very short stay if not for Rhonda.   Now Woody has a foster family waiting for him.   That should be a short stay too.   He's too cute not to be adopted right away.



Team Mutt Muffs, Ray and Michele.   We departed Westminster, MD early Saturday morning.   There were two lucky dogs in NC that needed a lift and we didn't want to be late
Michele meets rescue volunteers Annette and Nicole, and Woody and Boston
Annette with the adorable little Woody
Time to say goodbye and load up.  The first of two flights which will deliver two deserving souls to better lives.
Ray and Woody are ready to go

We had a smooth flight from NC to MD with only a little light rain through Virginia.

Leg 1 complete and we meet up with pilot #2 Elliott at Carroll County, MD.   He will now fly these darlings to waiting families in Philadelphia.

Home at last.   Boston is smiling.   It will be a happy Mother's Day for some new moms in Philadelphia.

We wish everyone happy new lives.

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