October 3, 2010 - Two 3-year old beagles in KY got a last minute stay of execution.    Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue Inc. in New Jersey offered to take them and find them homes.   Team Mutt Muffs flew leg three of this live-saving journey.  
Bambi was rescued from Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, KY.   We do not know how she got there, but she is a beautiful dog, full of love.
Buck is a good looking larger Beagle.    Strong too.   His background also is a mystery.    But his future would have been short if not for the efforts of the shelter volunteers to find him a safe place to go.
Team Mutt Muffs, Michele and John, posing with our beautiful passengers, Buck and Bambi.   They are two of the lucky ones who have a second chance.    So many others are still waiting.    We wish them kind homes and happy lives.

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