November 10, 2012

Coco, Cowgirl, Fawn & Mr. Big

Cocoa came from the Garrard County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, KY. He was picked up by the shelter as a stray and when his owner was found, he was unable to pay the fee to come get him.  One of the sweetest dogs i've ever met!  He's going to have a long and happy life!   Melissa Wild

Operation Underdog out of Beckley WV arranged these rescues. It was founded by a few girls with a lot of heart.

"Cowgirl" ( pregnant cattle dog) She was a owner surrender to the Raleigh County Humane Society in Beckley WV.

The puppy, "Mr Big", was just abandoned at the shelter when only about 3-4 weeks old and he is a spaniel mix,

The black dog, "Fawn", was, as the others, brought to the Raleigh County Humane Society.

All 3 are going to Joe Joe's Place in Medford NJ.  If you couldn't tell, I was quite attached to "Cowgirl". I am so glad that she did not stress and go in to labor on the flight. Again, thanks!!! Cindy Thomson


Team Mutt Muffs arrived at Huntington, WV early Saturday morning. Four great dogs needed a lift to a better life.

Cocoa gets a kiss goodbye from Lily. 

It looks like he knows he's a very lucky dog.   

Cocoa is such a great dog. He went to Pets Always Well   They took adoption paperwork in today for him and set up the home visit already.   His name is Charlie now 



 This "mom-to-be" is Cowgirl. We thought she would be most comfortable having her blanket and the whole space behind the back seat. But little mama wanted to be closer to everyone and jumped the seat. Cocoa was a gentleman and took the floor

 "Mr. Big" rode up front with Michele

We landed back at Westminster, MD and met up with the next leg pilot Gary.

One more plane ride will take all four darlings to a bright new future - Just in time for Thanksgiving!

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