3/22/09 - Dora

Little 11-week old Dora was dumped at the Greene County Animal Shelter in Snow Hill, NC.   They do their best, but conditions are very overcrowded.   Julianne Harris provided her temporary foster until a permanent home could be found.   Lonestar Pyrs & Paws in New Hampshire agreed to take little Dora for as long as needed until she finds a home of her own.

Lots of people helped with Dora's Rescue....

Saturday March 21
Leg 1 - Washington, NC to Richmond, VA -
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM FILLED BY Julianne - Thanks!
Leg 2 - Richmond, VA to Prince Frederick, MD 12:15 PM - 2:45 PM - FILLED BY Gail - Thanks!
OVERNIGHT in Prince Frederick, MD - Filled - Thanks Debbie!
Sunday March 22
Leg 3 -  Prince Frederick, MD to St. Mary's Co. Airport 8:40 AM - 9:30 AM  - Thanks Gail!

Leg #4: St. Mary's Co. Airport (2W6) to Greenwood Lake, NJ (4N1) 10:00-11:45   - Team Mutt Muff!
Leg #5: Greenwood Lake (4N1) to Claremont Municipal (KCNH) New Hampshire  12:15 - 1:45 - ARF Pilot Frank


Dora is, well.... Dora is adorable.   This is a picture of her at the overnight stay in Prince Frederick, MD with Debbie
Gail brought the cutie to St. Mary's County airport in the morning for her flight home
Michele holding little Dora
Dora all dressed up in her new bandana, making friends with other dogs at St. Mary's Co. airport
Cheri and Dora getting settled in the backseat.   The two of them slept most of the way, even through the turbulence!

Two hours later, we landed safely at 4N1, Greenwood Lake Airport in West Milford, NJ.   (Cheri and Dora both well-rested)

The next pilot, Linda, had to cancel her leg, because the weather had deteriorated in NH.  So Dora went home with Linda, until the flight could be rescheduled.   A few days with Dora, and she might not want to giver her up.   However, on 3/25, ARF Pilot Frank flew sweet Dora to her destination in NH.   What a cute puppy.   We wish her a very happy life in her new home.


Little Miss Dora is curled up on my lap while I catch up on e-mail.  What a little character this one is!   She had a great trip with Frank this afternoon and they made it here in an hour and 15!!!     Dora has settled in with my big guys quickly.  Which is comical as she is tiny compared to them.    We have several applications for Dora's adoption already!
Thank you all who helped get this sweet little girl up to NH. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all of your help!  What a snuggle bug!!!
Leslie S


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