Dec. 13, 2008 - Dublin

Every dog has a story.   Here is Dublin's as told by his adoptive Mom...

I found Dublin online at the Petfinder site.  We had lost our 10 year old Irish Setter Mister Moore in September due to Osteosarcoma.  My husband and I had talked about another dog...another irish setter?  We weren't really sure about when, 'sometime in the spring' we thought.  But, we were both searching anyway... everyday... all day.  I saw Dublin's picture one day, and his face just melted me.  I contacted the shelter and they explained they were a kill shelter.  I then spent about 3 weeks searching for ways to get him here~.  We were trying to get him pulled by an Irish Setter Rescue contact, but that didn't materialize, we also had someone that was flying that way and back, and might bring him, and that didn't materialize either.  I was getting desperate.  He needed 10 days in quarantine to fly, and there was no one there that could keep him that long.  It was explained to me that if I wanted him, I'd better move on it, as his time was up really, and for every day that he was there, other dogs were losing their lives.  I couldn't stand that, and had since found PnP, but was still trying to figure out how to coordinate a rescue for him.  I spent many an email contacting Shari Sherwood, who volunteers at the shelter.  She and I kept in constant touch over how my efforts were going.  Finally, Steve Ilgis replied to me that he could get him from KY to somewhere but explained for the distance from KY to Maine it would best to try and formulate a 'relay rescue'.  I did as he explained, and my next response was from Jerry Sika, who then tried to help me fill in the rest of the legs. He explained about typing in the route and I should get quite a few pilots that were along that route, and to 'mass private message' once I had achieved that.   I was still disbelieving that this was possible.  Steve Foley contacted me and assured me that it was 'okay to ask', as pilots, they loved to offer to do such a good deed, and fly at the same time! 

Meanwhile, I kept looking at Dublin's picture promising him to hang tight, we'd get him here.

2 pilots weren't able to do their legs, Michele picked one up 4 days before he was due to fly home, and Joe Weinberg saved the day 24 hours before take off!


Team Mutt Muffs on final approach at KHTW, Huntington, WV.  We're about to meet Pilot #1 Steve, and pick up our passenger Dublin.
Dublin was flown to Huntington WV from Clarksville, TN by Pilots N Paws volunteer Steve, and is enjoying a nice drink of water while we pass off paperwork and his Christmas goodies. 
   Leg 2 of 4.  Dublin is on his way to his new forever home to meet his new family

Team Mutt Muffs and Dublin meet Pilot #3 Joe at Carroll County, MD.   Joe had mechanical problems with his plane and at the last minute had to draft another pilot into our madness.  After all... Dublin wanted to go home.

Joe then flew Sir Dublin from Westminster, MD to Essex, County, NJ.  It is alleged that Dublin snacked on some instrument approach plates while in the back seat.  In his defense, they didn't serve any snacks on the flight.  Joe and Dublin met Pilot #4 Jerry, who had the honor of flying the anchor leg to get Dublin home to Maine.


I would like to thank all of you for the indespensible role each one of you played in delivering Dublin safely home to Maine.  We are enjoying getting to know this crazy, wonderful, sweet adorable loving dog.  You are all exceptional people and we won't forget your kindness and generosity for Dublin's sake~and the countless others you have helped before him, and those lucky ones up ahead!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, and those near and dear to you~ and a  Happy, Blessed New Year Too!!

Dublin's new mom, Tamarra

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