January 9, 2011


"Duke was dropped off at the Pender County Animal Shelter nearly one year ago and has been living there since.

He has been in the shelter for SO LONG, yet the shelter staff describes him as being calm, sweet and loving.

This has become an urgent situation, as his days are numbered as more dogs are coming into the shelter. Please – if you cannot adopt Duke, spread the word about him.    Leslie"

Well, the word went out, and as always, the rescue volunteers sprang into action. Thanks go to Pam for helping to organize the transport and providing overnight accommodations for Duke before the flight.   Many thanks also to Karen at Helping Hounds in Dewitt, NY for taking Duke in and helping him find his new family.   And to Leslie - if not for you, Duke would not have this second chance at happiness



Team Mutt Muffs Debbie and Michele on our way to Rocky Mount, NC to meet the lovable Duke.   
Pam and Duke were waiting for us at the airport.   Duke was a little bit unsure of new people, but it's hard to blame the guy.   He's been through so much.   Five minutes was all it took though, and we were his new best friends.
What a beautiful dog
He seemed a little skeptical of the mode of transport, but I think he sensed how much he mattered to us, and that we would take good care of him

Leg 1 complete - We got bounced around a bit by some turbulence and the winds were a little testy, but Duke took it all in stride.

Duke's next pilot, Elliott, was there waiting on us, and after a short introduction, Duke boarded the next and final flight for Syracuse.

Leg 2 complete, and as you can tell from the pictures, Elliott did an amazing job piloting through this weather.

Karen at last gets to meet the intrepid Duke

Duke says "thank you" to Karen.   My guess is that he also inquired if it snowed all the time in NY

Duke's long odyssey is almost over.   The last chapter will be finding his new forever family.

We wish you well Duke


How incredible is this!!!! Success!!!! Thanks to each and everyone one of you for this. Just a few days ago, Duke was a lonely little boy whose days were numbered. But Darlene, the shelter manager saw that he was special enough to keep alive. Eva saw that that he was special enough to forward his story on to Pam. Pam thought he was worthy of sending out to Karen. Pam also providing a safe, comforting and warm place in his first night of freedom and delivering him safely to the airport... Michele & Elliott, braving the winter weather , recognized that this special boy needed a shot at a second chance. Cindy and Art knew that he was special and they were determined to help...... And Karen..... recognizing how special this little guy must be to ....And Duke.... is safe and sound tonight. THANKS to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!! You are all angels!!
Talk about timing, my husband & I had chinese last night for dinner. Ironically, my fortune cookie said "Teamwork makes the dream work"... I plan to have that little slip of paper framed along with all of the beautiful pictures you've sent of Duke. What a powerful little saying!! My new motto.....Karen, we look forward to hearing all about Duke's progress and hearing that he has been adopted by a very special family that knows this special story of a little shelter dog whose time was up. Not anymore.. thanks to all of you. 
I look forward to working with you all in the future.. I'll try to make each and every pets' story as successful as Duke's. God Bless You all. I hope everyone carries this experience with them. You all have done a wonderful thing here and please know that...You have made a difference. This is what its all about....
Sleep well Duke. You deserve it , special boy!!!
I am so grateful to you and I can rest tonight knowing that we ALL played a part in giving one of God's creatures a second chance. It was all made possible because of YOU!!! Please carry that with you, because YOU are making a difference. Hope you got your kiss from Duke!!!!
Take care, Leslie 


This is only part of the beginning of a shelter dog story from NC. Karen will be able to find him his forever home where he will no longer remember his days at the shelter.
One at a time better than none at all.
Thank you everyone that made this possible.    Duke did really well with me last night and this morning. I think he and I bonded much more than either of us expected. I am very happy that he is now with Karen, freezing his butt of then sitting on death row at a NC shelter:) 


He is settling in just fine; already figured out how to open the door of his room. Pretty smart boy! And much more photogenic than me!
He will begin HW treatment next week. I will keep you posted.
Thanks to each and every one of you for the role you played in saving this special boy's life. Today was the first day of the rest of his.
Sequel to follow, I promise.



Duke was adopted not long after his freedom flight.  

Duke sure did luck up. Chris adores him. It certainly shows in these awesome photos!

Thank you again, each of you, for all of your tremendous efforts to save this little guy. What a life he has.  



It still brings tears knowing how long this poor fellow lingered at the shelter, and with so many people just walking by and ignoring him.  This was a true success story, and one this precious boy so deserved.  Well done everyone!


UPDATE - 2/22/2023

Hi Everyone,

It's been awhile! I hope everyone is doing well.   Just wanted to share with you some photos that we received tonight of Duke, the little pit mix that you all helped save in 2011- from Pender County NC to Helping Hounds in NY via Pilots N Paws.

Just couldn't let the moment pass without sharing it with you. It truly is a "feel good " moment that yall deserve.  

Duke's pretty grey around the muzzle now and the best we can guess, is around 14 or 15 yrs old!  I've kept in touch with Chris, his Dad, all these years, who is such an exceptional young man. Chris adopted Duke when he was in college in 2011! and has always put Duke first. They are inseparable.

Duke's rescue was my very first rescue and will always be a magical moment in my life.  Because of you and Elliott, this little guy has a life full of love, being spoiled rotten, security and adventure.   As they say, saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog,  the world will change forever.  

Thank you! Leslie Eyster