Edgar, Rigby & Momma with 11 puppies

November 25, 2017

Edgar (labeled a pit bull, though we don't agree) and Rigby (the emaciated German Shepherd with mange) both came from the same rural high kill shelter and both were pulled by Buffalo C.A.R.E.S. on the day they were to be euthanized.

Edgar had a large mass on his side that was believed to be cancer.  We had that removed last week in Charlotte prior to transport and biopsy showed it was a result of some sort of trauma.  All infectious material was removed with the mass.

The momma & 11 pups were pulled from a different kill shelter.

We can't pull any of these dogs without fosters, sponsors and transport.  Transport is huge and very much appreciated piece of this puzzle that can't come together without the "ride"...  Thank you so much!!

The BUFFALO C.A.R.E.S. Animal Rescue spent a lot of funds to save these guys. Edgar and Rigby both had surgeries.
"Why yes, Edgar, you are going in this crate; now tuck your tail and lower your head, your new foster family is eagerly awaiting your arrival in Buffalo," says pilot John
Momma, now Celeste,  is keeping a careful eye on her pups as the plane is fueled. She's unsure of what's happening, but definitely knows she's in good hands.
Rigby picked a window seat.

All the darlings are now in Buffalo, NY in the safekeeping of BUFFALO C.A.R.E.S.