Ella and Cletus

April 24, 2016


As told by Roberta...

Ella (Shihtzu) and Cletus (Havanese) were born 2 days apart in late May 2011 and have been together since they were about 3 months old. Their owner's work schedule got to the point where it was decided that it would be best for Ella and Cletus to have a new home, one where they could get all the attention they deserved.

Unfortunately, we had no room. So I thought of several rescues I've worked with a lot that would, if they could, adopt them together. The first person I contacted was Eileen with Almost Home Dog Rescue in PA. They have helped so many KY dogs and I knew if they were in the position to do so, they'd place them together. Eileen said they could take them and they would adopt them together! Eileen also found them a WONDERFUL home even before they could get there. Now they'll have a backyard of their own to run and play in and two people who can be home a lot more so they'll get plenty of attention. They're sweet, good natured, funny little dogs. They stayed with us for one day and my boyfriend just fell in love with them and they with him. We miss them, that's how precious they are! 



This is Pilot #1 Bud with his two passenger, Ella & Cletus.  

The rest of us fell down on the job of picture taking, so this is the only one we have.

However, the important thing is that two loveable souls secured passage to a better life.

UPDATE May 20, 2016:

Ella and Cletus are doing great!! Their adoption was finalized a few days ago. I'm so happy for them. Now they are no longer forced to live their lives out inside a crate. They now are in a stable environment with a family that loves them.  Thank you again!

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