Fizzle - January 3, 2009

Fizzle ended up at the pound in Lexington, KY.  We're not sure how she got there, but her time was up when Pam Loughman saw her picture and fell in love.   Pam's family is in Merion, PA.   Thanks to Cheryl Kaminski for coordinating the transport to get this loving dog to her new home.   And thanks to all the other drivers who made this journey possible.


Leg 1 - Lexington, KY - Morehead, KY, 63.7 mi - about 1 hour 2 mins - David S.
Leg 2 - Morehead, KY - Huntington, WV, 69.3 mi - about 1 hour 5 mins- Shannon D.
Leg 3 - Huntington, WV - Charleston, WV, 49.7 mi - about 49 mins - David F.
Leg 4 - Charleston, WV - Weston, WV, 99.9 mi - about 1 hour 33 mins - Denise L.
Legs 5-9 Weston, WV – Lancaster, PA, 314.7 mi. – about 2 hours – Team Mutt Muffs!

Leg 10 - Lancaster, PA - Merion, PA, 59.6 mi - about 1 hour 2 mins - Pamela L


Fizzle on the road with Shannon, who drove Leg 2 from Morehead, KY to Huntington, WV


Fizzle with Denise, who drove her from Charleston, WV to Upshur County Airport, near Weston, WV.   Fizzle gets her own Co-pilot bandana for the flight
Denise with Fizzle, ready to board.   This will be the final leg of a long journey to get to her new family.    They will meet us in Lancaster and drive this sweet girl to her new home  
Happy new Mom, Pam, holding Fizzle on the tarmac at the Lancaster, PA airport  
The whole family came out to meet Fizzle.  She's one lucky dog.  We wish Fizzle and her family a Happy New Year and a long happy life.



To everyone who helped rescue Fizzy and transport her to safety you have my deep gratitude. I did not think it was possible to arrange transportation so quickly and efficiently or for volunteer drivers and pilots to donate their precious time to help a throw-away shelter dog.

What a surprise when Lisa called last Friday night and confirmed that Fizzy was flying to Pennsylvania on Saturday. It was a thrill to take Fizzy out of the cockpit and hold her for the first time. Not to mention how excited my kids were about meeting Michele--a real live pilot--she undoubtedly is a legend at their elementary school by now! Thank you all for your time and energy and most importantly, for giving Fizzy the new life she deserves.

An update on Fizzy: she has settled in and made friends with our dog Daisy as well as half of our neighbors. Word has spread about our fantastic flying dog and she is the talk of the neighborhood with many folks stopping by to meet her. And with all this going on Fizzy has become camera shy. She runs away whenever we try to take a photo, perhaps because the flash frightens her? Or has she figured out she's a celebrity and is doing a Garbo routine? She's too discrete to tell me.

Day by day a happy little personality is emerging. Fizzy wags her tail, plays with Daisy, sits by my side all day while I work on the computer and goes for walks in the cold. She made up a new game tonight with a tennis ball that she carried to the top of the stairs, dropped and then chased downstairs (repeat 12 times). What fun! I promise to follow up with pictures whenever Fizzy agrees to a photo op.

Many thanks, Pam, Markus Kreuzer, Lucas & Julia

Thanks sooo much for the lovely pics of Fizzle and for taking such great care of her.  I am so proud of  how this all worked out.  From the first phone call from Pam about the little girl, to today, it has been a true team effort to get her to her new home with her new family.
Thank you all so much, I am crying with tears of joy for her!
Deb Miller
Save a Shelter Dog Rescue


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