Great Escape 05/22/10

ARF Pilots:

Leg #1:
Ground transport pilots available for this leg
Leg #2:
1) Law W.
Leg #3:
1) Tim A.
2) Kirk B.
3) Jeff L.
4) Rick N.
5) Team Mutt Muffs!
7) Elliott D.
Leg #4
1) Margery G.
2) Dan S.
3) Bill J.
4) Ken M.
5) Alex K.
Leg #4A:
1) Linda S.
2) Julia R.
Leg #5:
1) Frank D.


In Anderson, SC there is a huge animal shelter with easily 500 dogs in it on a day-to-day basis. In this economy, not many of these dogs will find local adopters. Fortunately, the women that run the shelter for the city are very, very dedicated to working with rescues and transporters to get as many dogs out of their shelter as possible and on their way to parts of the country where there is not an animal overpopulation problem and where the dogs will more likely find new homes of their own. But there is a huge amount of dogs and many end up on death row...perfectly adoptable...but not able to get out in time.

A few rescues in the Northeast have agreed to take 22 "death row dogs" from the Anderson shelter, and find them new homes. Now these lucky dogs just need a way to get from SC to their final destinations...and that's where ARF comes in!

ARF Passengers going to Manchester Animal Shelter in Manchester, NH (KMHT):
Journey Ewell 603-540-7660
1) Abby Rose - basset hound, 52 lbs
2-6) "Shep Five" - five shepherd pups, 16 - 18 lbs each
7-8) "Shep Two" - two shep pups named Scout and Darby, 16 - 18 lbs each
9) Joe - dachshund, 14 lbs
10) Holly - cattledog mix, 45 lbs
11) Jeb - shep mix pup, 15 lbs

ARF Passengers going to Beau Buddy Rescue in Wiscasset, ME (KIWI):ulie Damon 207-522-5592
12) Emmett- lab/pit x pup
13) Kujo the limping dog, shep mix, 60 lbs
14) Saylor the great dane mix, 65 lbs
15) Olive - terrier mix, 25 lbs

ARF Passengers going to Wooffun Rescue in Manchester, NH (KMHT):
Shirl Kula 603-930-7381
16) Kane- pit mix, 40 lbs

ARF Passengers going to Albany, NY (4B0):
Jen Politis 518-369-4482
17) Chad- cocker spaniel- 18 lbs
18) Tanner- cocker spaniel- 42 lbs
19) Cami - yorkie
20) Fenley - cocker spaniel
21) Gatsby - terrier
22) Hudson - poodle/shih tzu

 Arrival at Frederick, MD  
 Dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere!   Pilots got to meet their passengers and everyone got a little playtime before the next leg to NY  
 Everyone starts loading up for Leg 3.    
 Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy  
Everyone finally arrives at Orange County NY.   Time to stretch and sniff before starting the next leg.  
Dan S. and friend with Saylor (great dane), Scout and Darby (shep pups).  
Ken and Kirk work to untangle the leashes of Shep Five to get them loaded into their last plane of the day.  
Clark and Bob fuel up before helping these dogs go their one last leg to Saratoga Springs.  
Jeff and his co-pilot pose in front of Jeff's King Air with three of the dogs flying to Saratoga Springs.

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