Hunter & Tasha

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This was an urgent request for Hunter, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois mix in Grafton, WV.   Poor Hunter was found wandering as a stray, and taken to the local shelter.  This guy is about one year old, but the shelter is always at capacity, and his time was up in WV.  He was about to be put down, when Taylor County Humane Society  offered to take him until a new family is found for him.

Little Tasha was a last minute addition to this transport.   Her situation was also dire, but she is one of the lucky ones to make it out.   Too many more are still waiting.


Meet Hunter.   He is a beauty and and so very desperate for some love.   

Leg 1 Pilot Kay flew Hunter and Miss Tasha from Clarksburg, WV to Westminster, MD

Here the duo and Team Mutt Muffs Michele get againted

Hunter pays for his ticket.

The price for a flight to a better life.....  One puppy kiss

Time to load up and make the last flight to Montgomery, NY.   Little lady Tasha gets settled in, while Hunter waits to board.   You can see his beautiful coloring.   He looks like a tiger dog!

Dogs are loaded up and ready to fly "Air Mutt Muffs" for the final leg of a journey which will deliver them to a second chance for a better life.    

You can see little Tasha's head behind the back seat.   Cunning girl that she is, she finished the flight on the co-pilot's lap.   You can't say no to those eyes.

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