Jed &  Forrest

May 30, 2010 - Jed and Forrest were scheduled for gassing at the local shelter in Roxboro, NC before Rhonda with the Animal Protection Society of Person County pulled them out.   It's a sad fact that they are horribly overcrowded and not nearly enough dogs are adopted.    Jed and Forrest were owner-surrendered, apparently because they didn't take to hunting as well as they should.    I think they are much more suited for big lap dogs.   

Wendy with the Hornell Humane Society in NY graciously offered to take the loveable duo and find them homes.


Jed and Forrest arrive at Person County Airport Sunday morning for a trip to new homes.   They just can't know how lucky they are that so many people are looking out for them.
This is Forrest.   He's 65 pounds of love.   Never having been trained to walk on a leash, he took us all for a drag.
Meet Jed.   What beautiful green eyes.   
Forrest says "Thanks"
Everyone is loaded up and ready to fly to MD, where we'll meet their next pilot, Elliott, who will fly them to their new home in NY
The dogs were delivered safe and sound... They now are sleeping in aircond... Thanks to everyone and Happy Memorial Day! You all put a smile on my face- what a better thing to do on Memorial Day weekend- save some dogs as we mourn our home town hero and shelter volunteer Zach Smith, Hornell NY Marine age 19, killed in Afghanistan in January! I think we will put the dogs in the Memorial Day parade tomorrow, riding in air conditioning of course!!!! Zach would like that!!! You are all great!


Dogs find hope in the air

‘Forrest’ and ‘Jed’ fly into Hornell thanks to ‘Pilots N Paws’

By Justin Head
Posted Jun 01, 2010 @ 09:19 AM

It was a life-saving flight, but they wouldn’t know it. These passengers were dogs. Sunday afternoon the Hornell Area Humane Society took custody of two dogs from the Animal Protection Society of Person County, N.C. With help from the “Pilots N Paws” program, Forrest, a beagle and hound mixed breed, and Jed, a labrador and unspecified mix, are safe and sound at their new temporary home on Industrial Road. “We’re in with Pilots N Paws program and a lot of times, and in this case when there is a danger of animals being euthanized, we’ll take them,” said Mark Mahoney, Humane Society director. “For us, it’s great. We’ve taken some before and rescued them and adopted them to loving homes. So, it’s a win-win situation if we can take them before they get euthanized.” “Pilots N Paws” is a national non-profit charitable organization comprised of general aviation pilots who work together with rescue volunteers and no-kill shelters to relocate animals. The pilots donate their time, planes and resources to fly animals to safe havens all over the country. Pilot Elliott DeGraff and his co-pilot Chip Sylvern, both of Maryland, flew the dogs the second half of the trip. “I’m really happy to be doing this,” said Sylvern, as he munched on a sandwich and watched Humane Society volunteers play with the dogs. “I’ve had dogs my whole life and I’d rather see them here than at a kill-shelter. Plus, it gives me an excuse to fly the plane,” he said. The dogs needed immediate rescue because both were scheduled to be euthanized after a Roxboro shelter was unable to find them a new owner. Both dogs are four-years old, have already been vaccinated and veterinarian checked, and are heartworm negative, according to the Humane Society. While in many cases with rescue animals abuse or neglect has occurred, the new arrivals appear to be happy dogs that have been well cared for. “What I was told, in that area of North Carolina they have a huge pet owner issue and they have frequently gassed large quantities of healthy animals,” said Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald, chief executive officer of the Humane Society. “Because we had some room we decided we could take them ... Usually “Pilots N Paws” goes into bigger cities, but we stayed in touch because of the two pitbulls we transported last summer,” she said. For more information about “Pilots N Paws,” go online to Dresser-Recktenwald said, pending a healthy check-up, the dogs will be ready for adoption soon.