Josey and her Puppies

October 14, 2017

Josey and her puppies were dropped at the kill shelter.  There was no reason.  Not that any reason could justify it anyway.   

But Josie and her puppies, being at the lowest point they could be, won the doggie lottery.   Rhonda withChances Angel Rescue & Education, Inc. pulled them from the shelter and fostered them until a safe place could be found.

Almost Home Dog Rescue in Philadelphia answered the call. 



Michele picks up clearance from Air Traffic control before departing KDMW (Westminster, MD).   The weather this day had some fog and low ceilings.
But how BEAUTIFUL it was when we burst through the top of the clouds!
AND when conditions are just right... you get to see what a rainbow looks like from the air.   Completely circular, with the shadow of the plane in the middle.  This beautiful sight followed us almost all the way to North Carolina.
This is Josey arriving at the airport for a life-changing flight.  She's a little timid, but who can blame her.  She's been through a lot.  And to top it off, she and her puppies have been fostered separately.  She hasn't seen them in two weeks.   Get ready for a surprise Josey!

The reunion of mom and pups was priceless. 


Hopefully, the joy of being together again lessened the next part of being loaded into a Cessna.

But there was no drama.  Mom and babies snuggled in and we flew back to Maryland.   The weather was still solid overcast, but we climbed on top and had a smooth flight home. 

Co-pilot Cheri gets some last minute puppy love before they board the second and last flight of the day.

Leg 2 Pilot Ron was waiting for us when we landed.

He loads up all the furry passengers and flies them to their new rescue fosters in Philadelphia. 

May they find the loving homes they deserve.

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