March 21, 2015

Ken,  Bess, Arrow, Elsie, Harriett

Arrow, the little Beagle was anonymously surrendered, so we don't know how or why he found himself at a kill shelter

The others, Ken, Bess, Harriett and Else were all picked up by animal control and never claimed by anyone. 

It's a tragic story repeated every day, that their "shelf-life" at the shelter would be short.  Thankfully, Rhonda and her volunteers work tirelessly pulling those most at risk out.  They foster them until a safe place can be found.  These five are some of the lucky ones.   So many more are still waiting.


This flight had already been delayed a week because of poor weather.   And I wasn't sure we could pull it off this time.  We waited out the fog for 3 hours, and finally launched.

2.5 hours later we arrived at Roxboro, NC, and in this photo, co-pilot John gets some love from Harriett the little Husky mix, and Big Ken

They assemble one last time to give furry thanks to their benefactor, Rhonda.

Then it's time to begin the journey of a lifetime for five lucky dogs.

Leg 1 complete.

Everyone enjoys a brief layover.

Left to right:  Elsie, the little lab puppy, Bess, Arrow's butt, Ken's butt, and little Harriett.
The now-experienced travelers load up in Rob's plane for one more flight to Philadelphia.

Big boy Ken poses with Carolyn of Almost Home Dog Rescue

Upon landing, Bess had a big surprise - a family to call her own. 

All the rest have short stays with fosters until just the right families are found.


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