Lancaster, OH to Middletown, DE

This was a two leg journey to get four loveable dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio to new homes in Delaware.  Pilot Jan flew them from Lancaster, OH to Connellsville, PA, where we met up with him and the four little darlings.

Three were more darling than the fourth, a shelty who decided freedom tasted sweet, and being leary of people, he was hard to catch.   It was hard to be miffed at the cute guy though, and 45 minutes later, all pooches were corralled and loaded up in Alan's beautiful twin Comanche, and we were on our way to Summit Airport in Middletown, DE

Dianne of Delaware Puppy Rescue has secured a special place in heaven for finding homes for all the unwanted creatures that come her way.   God Bless.  Mission complete!

Team Mutt Muffs, Michele and Alan fly to Connellsville, PA to meet Leg 1 Pilot Jan and pick up our charge


 Michele, Alan (holding the elusive Sheltie) and Jan  
On the ground at Summit, DE, we transfer custody to Dianne with Delaware Puppy Rescue  
Dianne holding "Houdini" Sheltie
Pilot Alan with the little Pomeranian

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