September 14, 2013

Lady, Maggie, Sophia, Tush, Tater and "Cat"


Lady is a beautiful Lab/Shepherd mix, about 1-1/2 years old.  Maggie, Sophia, Tush, Tater and "Cat" are all sweet little puppies, but not from the same litter, and none of them belong to Lady, even though she looked after the gang through this long transport.

We're not sure how they all ended up at the shelter, but they owe their lives to the selfless rescue volunteers.  

Tamara, with Homeward Bound Dog rescue, shed some light on "Cat"...

Puppy “Cat” had surgery on her eye when she was two weeks old – she had a massive infection on the side of her face and it went into her eye before her eyes were even open. The infection was under the skin and you could barely notice it except that she was slightly puffy.  

The vet thought it was best to try to save and possibly fix the eye when she was that young. Unfortunately she is now blind in that eye, but the vet opted to keep it in.

To top it off, Cat's mom did not want to be a mom and was harming them so she had to be hand fed – otherwise, I may not have even noticed the infection - so I named her Cat as she seemed to have at least 9 lives “)

Thank you everyone for getting this crew up there! All have landed in foster homes and I believe Maggie is being adopted by folks who have her sister!




On our way to Blacksburg, VA to pick up the pups, Team Mutt Muffs was blessed to see a rather rare occurrence.   It's called Brocken Spectre

We were flying about 1000 feet above a solid cloud deck.  You can see the shadow of the airplane surrounded by a completely circular rainbow.   

There's a scientific explanation to it all, but I prefer to just admire the beauty of it.

The first two legs of this odyssey were completed by volunteer drivers.   Jay (bless his heart) drove over 3 hours each way for leg one.

We met up with Debi, leg 2 driver, at the Blacksburg, VA airport.   She's holding little Sophia and wishing her a happy new life

No m'Lady.   It's not a funny looking car.   It's an airplane.  And yes, m'Lady, it's for you.
Team Mutt Muffs Michele and John, with the loveable Mr. Tater.   It's time to load up and fly the next leg to get these cuties on their way to new homes.

Doug and Carolyn had the honor of flying the anchor leg to deliver all the lovelies to waiting rescue volunteers.

We thank all the volunteers that make this possible.  These five souls have a shot now thanks to everyone involved.   May they find safety and happiness in their new homes.

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