Lil Bit, Sunshine and her 9 puppies, and Lucky the Cat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Team Mutt Muffs had a full plane load today.   

The transport request start out for just Lil Bit, who needed a ride from NC to Maine.   Then Lucky, the kitty was added.   She jumped off in MD for her new home in DC.  A last minute addition was Sunshine the beagle and her NINE puppies.   Puppies were only two weeks old and their eyes were not even open yet.   Mom and pups went to upstate NJ.

All of these little lives were in danger of being put down.   The rescue workers have an amazing network though, and all the furry ones are now with foster parents, awaiting adoption.

Team Mutt Muffs Michele and Dennis departed KDMW, Westminster, MD as the sun was coming up.   2-1/2 hours later we arrive at Rocky Mount, NC and meet sweet Lil Bit.


Mama Beagle, Sunshine, and her nine, count em, NINE puppies
Rescue volunteer Beth holding one of the little darlings.   These puppies almost did not have the chance to be born.   Now they all have bright futures ahead.

Mom and puppies are snuggled in and ready for leg 1


Lil Bit enjoying his overnight accommodations.  One more flight will deliver him to his temporary foster.   His new family can't be far behind.

We wish all our passengers happiness with their new families

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