December 17, 2011

Lolita, Ginger and Radar

As told by Rosemary with Faith's Hope Rescue

Ginger was in a kill shelter in Clayton County, GA and her time was up.  One of the shelter volunteers agreed to foster her until a home could be found.   She tried to find Ginger a home on her own but was not able to, so she sent out a plea to the rescue community asking for help finding Ginger a home or taking her into their rescue.   Ginger got the best Christmas present ever… a family of her very own!   In Philadelphia.

Radar ended up at Hall County Animal Shelter in Gainesville, GA.  He was surrendered by his previous family, the reason they gave was that they had "too many animals." One of my foster mom's in GA, Lisa, happens to live very close to this shelter and I guess gets the emails about the dogs they have there and she sent me a picture of Radar. I asked her to go meet him and if he was nice to pull him as he also was about to be euthanized. Lisa has been fostering Radar for about a month or so while we worked out transport to Philly and he has done very well there. He is sweet although a bit mischievous at times ; )) Still acts very much like a puppy although his previous owners told the shelter he is 5 years old.

Lolita - I got an email from a volunteer for the Murray County Shelter in Chartsworth, GA about a "senior" Chihuahua female that was on the euthanasia list.  I got the email on a Friday I think and Lolita was due to be put to sleep the following Tuesday.  Lolita, according to the shelter, was a "stray." They also said she was about 8-10 years old and that the "lumps" on her chest were probably mammary tumors. Lisa took Lolita to her vet to get her a health certificate and Lisa's vet thinks she is probably only about 3 or 4 years old. Not sure what the tumors on her belly (not on her chest) are ... I don't think they are mammary tumors though. They maybe inguinal hernias, hopefully nothing serious that can be easily fixed when she gets spayed.

So three little lives that faced euthanasia in Georgia now face bright futures in Philadelphia.   

Team Mutt Muffs meets Ginger and Leg 1 Pilot Dave in Danville, VA.

Low visibility delayed the start of this transport, but Dave eventually made the leg from SC to VA safely.   A ground transport got the darlings from Atlanta to SC early in the morning

Co-pilot Cheri meets sweet Lolita.  Lolita rode the whole way on her lap.
Ginger is settled in and ready to continue the journey to meet her new family
Radar just wanted to look out the window.   He's a sweetie

7000 feet over the Virginia countryside.   

We had a smooth flight back to Westminster, MD.   There the dogs met their final pilot of the day, Warren.   One last flight to Philadelphia took three sweet souls to loving new homes, just in time for Christmas.


I cannot thank all of you enough for all you have done to get these guys safe and up to Philly. I know you all have many other responsibilities, I am sure you all had other things to do today for the Holidays but you all took time out to help these 3 homeless dogs. We are all very grateful and there is going to be a couple of very happy little kids tonight. They don't know it yet but Ginger will be spending Christmas with them. And I know Ginger will be very happy to finally have a home of her own.

You are all amazing!!

And a HUGE thank you to Roberta for getting all this worked out when she is not feeling her best and in a lot of pain still.