December 20, 2014

Lucky, Lucy Mae, 4 Chihuahua pups, Rover, Ralph and Jasmine


As told by Pam...

I got Lucy Mae and her 4 pups, the Chihuahua mixes, the evening before they were headed to the local animal shelter around the second week of November. A co-worker had informed me that morning of their fate. The Animal Placement Agency of the Windsor (APAW) in NJ have taken so many pups from me before, and they offered to take and place these guys when they were ready.

Rover, Ralph and Jasmine, the Basset Hound mixes, were found in the middle of a road the week before Thanksgiving near a family’s farm. The family that found them spent three days trying to find out if they belonged to anyone in the area until they finally realized that the pups really “were dumped in the middle of the road.”  The 3 pups were taken to one of the local vets the Tuesday before Thanksgiving where they were given my contact information. This family that rescued them was able to foster them until a flight was arranged to Crate Escape Rescue in NY.

Every now and then a pup crosses my path that touches my heart like no other. This is the story of Lucky, that little pup that miraculously survived the odds.  When the story went out across the Border Collie Rescue network a few weeks ago, of a BC mix mom and her pup that needed rescued, I forwarded their story on to all breed groups that I know were reputable and may be able to help. The pup was in very bad shape and needed medical attention.  APAW showed the pictures to one of their vets that said that she would treat his medical needs without charge. It appeared that he was going to need numerous skin grafts that would be very extensive and costly. However, APAW and others are going to chip in to help with his expense.  His mom was not in immediate danger of needing medical attention, so we concentrated on getting what this little guy needed first. Mom is not socialized with other dogs even though she is very young. Carolina Border Collie Rescue (CBCR) is working on finding the right foster home or trainer to work with her so she can be transported to a herding dog group in CT that spoke up for mom. In the meantime, a Good Samaritan that first brought the attention of mom and her pup needing rescue will continue to stop by the abandoned horse farm and feed mom daily and make sure she is doing okay.


This is little Lucy Mae and her four puppies.  She's very young, not much more than a puppy herself. 


It's unclear why she and her babies were going to the local kill shelter, and I'm glad she will never know the fate she so narrowly escaped.


This family now has the best opportunity of their lives.

Meet Rover, Ralph and Jasmine. 

I cannot even wrap my mind around tossing puppies out of a car in the middle of the road and then driving away.

These three mystery breed siblings are so loveable.

I can imagine how confusing their lives have been so far.  Abandoned by someone on the side of the road, then fostered for a month by a good Samaritan.   That probably felt like home.   Now they find themselves loaded in the back of a Cessna with a crate full of Chihuahuas!

Not to worry though, by the Miracle of Christmas, they'll soon be with the folks at Crate Escape in New York, and they'll have permanent families of their very own.


The Story of Lucky

This poor baby was found on an abandoned farm with his mother.

The picture is heartwrenching.   The best guess of the cause of his injuries is that a hawk had tried to snatch him, and tore the skin from his back.   His tongue also had severe injuries.

The mere fact that he survived this on his own without medical attention is a testament to his courage and strength.

Team Mutt Muffs Dennis and Michele meet the aptly named Mr. Lucky.

He's been seen by a vet, and his wound was cleaned, and he has medication for pain.  However, the real healing can begin after two flights deliver him to New Jersey.  A compassionate vet with a heart of gold has offered to provide all his surgeries and treatments free of charge

As his name implies, Lucky gets the best seat on the plane. 

The weather forecast early in the week didn't look very good for this rescue, but when your passenger is this "Lucky", things work out.

We're all loaded up and ready for Leg 1 of a journey to give nine deserving animals a chance for good lives.

We arrived safely at KDMW, Westminster, MD, where Pilot #2 Elliott was waiting for us.

Rover, Ralph and Jasmine make use of the short layover.   Walking on a leash is not part of their repertoire yet.  They were quite a handful

I'll miss Lucky.  He looks sad.  In his short life on this planet Earth, he's only known pain.  But that's about to change.

Everyone boarded Elliott's Piper Cherokee for the next leg to Trenton, NJ.

APAW (Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors) was there to take in Lucky, Lucy Mae and her puppies. 

Rover, Ralph and Jasmine will join Leg 3 Pilot, Charlie for one more flight to Poughkeepsie

It was a long day for all the fur balls, but finally after three airplane rides, Rover, Ralph and Jasmine are home.

They pose here with their last pilot of the day, Charlie.

They are now in the caring hands of Crate Escape. 

My Christmas wish for all is that they find perfect homes, and finally receive the love that they are all so willing to give.

God bless, Mission Complete.

The Story of Lucky - Part II

December 22

Lucky is out of surgery.   He had skin grafting.
The skin was loosened to improve his gait also.
While he was under anesthesia our vet decided to fix his tongue.

December 23

Lucky was lasered this morning to encourage healing
Tongue is sutured but it needed to be corrected
He will leave hospital this afternoon

Merry Christmas!   Lucky can finally lay on his back and smile



To Michael, who found Lucky and his mom, to the family who found Ralph, Rover and Jasmine on the road, to the people who intervened on behalf of Lucy Mae and her little puppies, and to all the other people who helped Lucky and the other travelers, I say Merry Christmas and God bless you.  

Update 2/9/17 - Lucky is now a normal healthy dog, enjoying all that life has to offer.  God bless Lucky.

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