Lucy, Bailey, Kate & Oliver

June 18, 2011

Kate was rescued from the local shelter, which is a high kill, gassing facility. She is a boxer/shar-pei mix. Kate has been in an experienced foster home, and has received basic obedience training. She has been exposed socially to lots of people, different dogs, and cats. She does not do well with cats. Kate thinks they make excellent chasing material!  We hope this southern belle finds just the right  home to bring out the best in her.

Oliver was found on the side of the road seriously injured. The first assumption was that he had been hit by a car, though the vet thought he had been in a serious dog fight and had obviously came out on the losing end.  Oliver received appropriate treatments for all his wounds, of which there were many. He became a favorite of the staff at the vet hospital due to his sunny disposition, and good attitude in accepting all the stitches, shots, meds, etc. he had to have. Oliver later developed a serious abscess in his throat which required more surgery. He has successfully undergone heartworm treatment. In spite of his many mishaps, Oliver is a healthy and happy-go-lucky boy that is glad to be alive. We truly hope he will find his forever home that will think he is as wonderful as we do.

Lucy showed up as a stray hanging around the ditch and was still there when Kathleen came home from work that same evening.  Could not find where she belonged or someone to take her so she called animal control to pick her up. In the meantime, she contacted a lady that works with the local sheriff dept. that does postings of dogs/pups at the shelter and asked her to post Lucy. A group in Albany saw the post and responded.  She is one very lucky pup. 

Bailey the Beagle's story is unknown, but it only looks better from here on out.   He's a sweetie pie, and no doubt will find his forever family in no time.
Little Lucy waiting in the airport lounge while we pre-flight the plane.  This little girl was very timid, but that's understandable considering the rough hand she's been dealt so far in life  
Oliver is such a happy playful dog.  Where he's been or where he's going is unimportant compared to that squeaky toy.
Kate meets Bailey.   It looks like true love
Kate waits patiently to board
Michele gets Lucy settled in.
Kate's turn to board.

Bailey and Lucy say goodbye to the wonderful fosters and volunteers.

Next stop - Westminster, MD, where Oliver, Kate and Bailey will meet leg 2 pilot James, who will fly them to rescue in Syracuse.

Miss Lucy will stay with her pilot, Elliott, for a few days until his plane is out of the shop.   Then, one last flight to Albany and a better life for Lucy.

Another successful mission!

Wow, what an incredible day! I am so delighted to have been able to experience this! It was just so wonderful to see these little homeless pups getting showered with attention and the promise of wonderful lives. And their very own chartered flights!! The kindness and generosity that you all give is so very special and each of you should be so proud of everything you do. Its really quite something. 
Michele, it was just wonderful to finally meet you. Wish we had more time to visit with you and Joe but completely understand that you had places to go and lucky puppies to deliver. Hope everyone did well on the flight. You're the best and we can never thank you enough for all that you do. Hope you have a wonderful Dad's day with your father. 
Pam, you are the greatest and we couldnt do it without you. Hope y'all have a wonderful vacation in the mountains and you're able to take some beautiful hikes. 
The cards were just little simple tokens of appreciation. We are so very thankful for all that you do!! 
Cindy & Art, you know you are my team of Angels and I am so thankful for all that you guys do. I always enjoy spending time with you and we had quite a productive day! Go Halfway Home!!

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